Shattered Fragments of Light

Short Stories and Essays of a Disjointed Life

The Beginning

  I grew up on a farm with zucchini the size of my thigh, cows that ended up in the freezer and a duck that thought he was a rooster. … Continue reading

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Red Light

Haley and I sit back to back under the kitchen table, drinking vodka with a cherry Koolaid chaser. Our bare feet peek out on either side of the lace tablecloth. … Continue reading

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Christmas Valley

During the rainy season, before the summer heat, we would load up the truck and head east, over the mountains. Leaving behind the temperate rainforest we drove through lava flows … Continue reading

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Hard Lesson

He tumbled under the pregnant moon. The fog so thick it was like swimming in meringue. Naked in the field behind his parent’s house we laid on an old quilt, illuminated and … Continue reading

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In Love With the Night

Sometime between the ages of scared-of-the-dark and sneaking-out-to-meet-boys I fell in love with night. Hitching my leg over the windowsill, nightgown riding high, pale thighs glowing in the moonlight, I … Continue reading

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Shape of Her Fears

“It was a blessing in disguise.” If I hear my mother say that one more time I will slap her. It’s a blessing to her. She wasn’t the one who … Continue reading

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Not Viable

I have to pee. It has increasingly become the first thought that crosses my mind as I awake. No more lingering in the afterglow of dreams when someone is bouncing … Continue reading

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Into the Darkness

“Sometimes it’s so dark that it feels like light never existed. I can’t see my own body and I’m lost. It’s like when you have a fever and the walls … Continue reading

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Passing Light

I heard my mother come in. Loud and cursing, crashing and broken glass. I curled my blankets around me like a nest. Huddling under the comforter, my pillow pressed against … Continue reading

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Leaving the Future

“What you doing?” Carrie asked as she combed out her hair. I had spent the afternoon swimming in the pool at her complex in my panties and her t-shirt. After … Continue reading

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